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Stable 27545
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Jumat, 26 September 2008
    Bug 7397: resolved API2 call that prevented display of directories named 0
    Changed webdisk to return 201 for mkcol
    Disable type ahead in account modification related forms
    Disable type-ahead feature on DNS functions
    Ensure cPhulkd PAM module is installed
    Fixed issue with fixrndc and single line zone entries
    Fixed pagination creating an unnecessary 'next' link
    Improved performance of dovecot-auth with better internal caching
    Remove entries from Zone file when removing a subdomain
    Resolved over-encoding of output in cPAddons
    The traceroute security tweak now leaves traceroute enabled for root only

Stable All Revisions
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Sabtu, 20 September 2008
NSD updated to 3.1.1
Upgrade cPanel Stable 27164 --> 27225
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Kamis, 11 September 2008
    Fixed issues with detecting older Xen
    Resolved issues with populating form fields in SSL Certificate Installation

    Added Shared Certificate installation instructions
Upgrade cPanel Stable 26138 --> 27164
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Jumat, 05 September 2008
    Added localhost to NSD interface list by default
    Allow spaces in select SSL CSR info fields (e.g. City)
    Alter NSD IP binding to prefer local IP Addresses before listed namserver IP addresses
    Always remove * from ServerAdmin when creating wildcard VirtualHosts
    Attempt to reuse Courier-IMAP SSL cert when Dovecot is first installed
    Bug 1760: Transfer Feature List during account transfer
    Bug 4458: Removed /scripts/nofsck
    Bug 7161: Properly remove multi-level sub domains where the upper levels don't exist
    Bug 7469: Resolved creation of intermediary subdomain zone during removal
    Changed logging level of mount mis-match message from warn to info
    Changed scripts/ to only pass -N to portupgrade when package is not currently installed
    Detect broken portupgrade on FreeBSD
    Disable proper Courier services for FreeBSD in convert2dovecot
    Don't lock MySQL accounts during account suspension when old style passwords are being used
    Don't show Apache information when managing SSL Hosts in cPanel
    Eliminated race condition in creation of queued DSN cluster requests
    Ensure IMAP is restarted when changing Domain Owner Authentication Tweak Setting
    Ensure invalid domain names are removable
    Exclude courier from sysup on FreeBSD as courierup handles the updates
    Exclude user nobody from dedicated IP Address check during SSL Certificate install
    Fix MD5 sum issues in cpanelsync
Upgrade Fantastico De Luxe 2.10.4 r17 --> 2.10.4 r18
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Selasa, 02 September 2008

Fantastico De Luxe 2.10.4 r18 (LATEST and STABLE releases)


    * Coppermine Photo Gallery: 1.4.18 -> 1.4.19
    * dotProject: 2.1.1 -> 2.1.2
    * Drupal: 6.3 -> 6.4
    * Joomla 1.5: 1.5.4 -> 1.5.6
    * Open-Realty: 2.4.4 -> 2.5.2
    * TikiWiki: 1.9.11 -> 2.0
    * WordPress: 2.6 -> 2.6.1
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