Stable 34960
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Selasa, 07 April 2009
    /scripts/installimagemagick will compile ImageMagick from source when the OS provided version is too old for the CPAN module
    /scripts/mysql now checks for proper datadir in /etc/my.cnf
    Account restoration on a system without PostgreSQL may result in incorrect '493' directory creation
    Added cleanup script to remove incorrect entries from user cpbackup-exclude.conf files
    Address issues with suspending MySQL users without passwords, quoting of the SQL statement and attempting to suspend the same user multiple times
    Addressed insecure dependency while running /scripts/linksubmailtomainacct
    Adjusted cpbackup exclude generation logic to work for incremental and standard backups
    Adjusted crontab permission check to only verify it is setuid and executable
    Bug 8833: Fix UI typo 'Users' -> 'Databases'
    Bug 8885: Strip leading and trailing whitespace from login details
    Detect attempts to install core Perl modules and skip installation to prevent accidental update of Perl via CPAN
    Disabling cPDavd via Service Manager did not prevent cPDavd from running or starting
    Do not munge mail shadow files when suspending and unsuspending accounts
    Do not resolve hostname to IP when available in dnsadmin
    Duplicate cPHulk Whitelist entries prevented display of UI
    Ensure FTP record is updated to proper IP address during transfer
    Ensure SPF checks are bypassed for Trusted Mail Hosts
    Ensure cpdavd handles SIGPIPE
    Ensure gettext and quota packages are installed
    Ensure userdata is properly conserved during transfers
    Fixed PEAR Net_SMTP version 1.3.2 SMTP Authentication ( )
    Fixed handling of HTTP transactions without content-length header
    Handle variance between how FreeBSD and Linux denote an account as suspended when unsuspending during account transfer
    Improved compatibility of Account Backup files with MS Windows based tar extractors
    Improved default exclude match for core files
    Improved message displayed when streaming method fails during non-root transfers
    Install sysklogd if no logging daemon is functioning
    Non-alphanumeric passwords would cause package transfers to fa
    Password changes were not updating all entries in /etc/proftpd/passwd.vhosts
    Patch Horde 3.1.7 for CVE 2008-5917
    PostgreSQL installation configuration message will only display once
    PostgreSQL users were not being restored during transfer or account restoration
    Prevent creating domains with successive dots ( e.g. )
    Prevent scripts/installgd from creating zombie processes
    Prevent spurious restarts on FreeBSD when server is already installed
    Prevent the ipusage page from showing domains multiple times
    Publication of profile for /scripts/makecpphp now handled by easyapache
    Remove ftp configuration file for old IP when changing an account's IP
    Remove legacy usage of /scripts/
    Removed old language directory that caused issues with AWstats
    Removing an email account with an undefined user name would remove all email accounts
    Resolve handling of directory names with spaces by securerailsapps
    Resolve issue with log processing ignoring black out hours
    Resolve issues with using setuid binaries ( e.g. crontab ) in JailShell
    Resolve pkgacct deadlock when encountering errors during cpbackup
    Resolve problem with suspending accounts with shell set to /bin/false
    Resolved failure to delete forwarders
    Resolved issue preventing mailing lists from being restored during transfer
    Resolved issue that caused mailman lists to restore with wrong file permissions
    Resolved issue with home directory path display in File Manager on FreeBSD
    Resolved issue with stopping MySQL processing on FreeBSD using the restartsrv system
    Resolved issues with ensuring Perl modules on FreeBSD
    Resolved issues with ensuring Perl modules on FreeBSD
    Resolved logger error in SafeSync
    Resolved logic error that prevented domains like from appearing in the cPanel Sub Domains interface
    Resolved logic error that prevented downloading private SSH keys in the cPanel interface.
    Resolved performance issues with securerailsapps during startup
    Resolved time out issue for large downloads via Web Disk
    Sanitize FORM keys before display
    Sanitize user controlled contact settings prior to display and only store valid values
    Service checks would fail on FreeBSD due to truncated ps output
    Stagger dnsqueue cron times to prevent overloading cluster members
    Symlink /usr/local/apache/bin/apxs to /usr/bin/apxs
    Update email forwarder splitting routines to respect commas and double quotes in pipe command strings
    Update proftpd conf file rewrite code to remove UseIPv6 setting whenever IPv6 support is not compiled in
    Updated PHP Open BaseDir text to indicate the settings are only valid for DSO PHP configurations
    Updated backend password strength algorithm to match client side checks
    Use proper patch flag for dry run to support non-GNU versions of patch

    /scripts/fixeverything now attempts to resolve permission errors with tar
    Add server short hostname to WHM interface headers
    Add support for a global backup exclude configuration file that uses tar's standard format
    Added PDF MIME type to cpsrvd
    Added addon_domain variable for VirtualHost templates
    Added suphp_log to default log rotation
    Added support for custom HELO settings in the Exim Configuration Editor
    Clarified cPAddon Document Root installation wording
    Disabling a statistics program via tweak settings now prevents execution of the program
    Give all *.log files sent through Cpanel::iContact a .txt extension
    Improved clarity of unprocessed Eximstats SQL message when starting Tailwatch
    Perform a hard restart of Apache whenever the PID file is invalid
    Reject email at SMTP time for users that exceeded quota now defaults to On
    Remove setuid bit from suexec binary when suexec is disabled
    Report errors from tar in the cpbackup error log
    Temporarily unset rlimits when restarting Apache via apachectl
    Unzipping files in File Manager now overwrites by default
    Update /scripts/installruby to install Gems 1.3.1
    Update account restoration processes to use tar rather than copy and chown
    Updated RRDTool to 1.3.6
    Updated Roundcube to 0.2-stable
    Use apachectl for performing graceful Apache restarts
    chkservd now allows for multiple authentication failures before restarting a service and sending notification