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Stable 38506
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Rabu, 26 Agustus 2009
Stable 38506
2009-08-25 13:48:41
    Added /sys_cpanel/index.html
    Ensure /usr/local/cpanel/perl/auto symlink is created during update
    Removed use of the TAR_OPTIONS environment variable when system tar is version 1.13.25 or older to prevent segmentation faults
    Resolve issue with /scripts/secureit removing the SETGID bit on the crontab binary
    Resolved condition that prevent proper removal of the trial license flag during license check
    Return well-formed XML response when XML-API function is denied

Stable 37946
2009-08-06 09:59:15
    Fixed PHPConfig for compatibility with PHP 5.2.10
    Fixed issue with setting CPAN mirrors during CPAN module installation
    Initialize CPAN configuration when it is missing or corrupt
    Patch AWstats to prevent directory traversal attackes ( )
    Prevent directory traversal attack that would allow reading arbitrary files on the system
    Prevent redirect loops
    Prevent whostmgr segmentation faults on 64 bit systems
    Update makecpphp to handle PHP 5.2.10

    Updated version number to 11.24.5

Stable All Revisions
2009-07-06 07:18:49
MySQL 5.0.81
    New upstream version

ProFTPd updated to 1.3.2-1
    New upstream version
Stable All Revisions
2009-06-03 08:33:06
MySQL 5 updated to 5.0.77
    New upstream version
Stable All Revisions
2009-06-03 08:32:25
Exim Maildir updated to 4.69-23.1
    Updated init script to handle ALTPORT specified in exim.conf
    Improved passwd lookup in
    Updated to use passwd lookups instead of getpwnam
    Updated default configuration files to use passwd lookups
    Compile in support for passwd lookups
    Update init script to only start separate TLS server when main server is not handling TLS port
    Run /scripts/mailperm as a background process during post install
    Patch src/auth/dovecot.c for Exim bugs 598, 646 and 667
    Load Digest::MD5 only when necessary in
    Resolved conflict on /etc/aliases with setup RPM
Stable 36281
2009-05-27 08:38:49
    Added theme support for "MagicRevision" variable expansion for backwards compatibility
    Avoid automatic updates of Perl in sysup when usebsdpkgs flag file present on FreeBSD systems
    Improved validation of usernames during account creation and modifications
    Prevent corruption of mail filters when saving
    Prevent leakage of environment variables during Apache restarts
    Removed requirement for hotlink feature to be enable to use the Leech Protect feature
    Resolve issue that prevented removal of email forwards whose destination includes the account system address

    Added ability for dnsadmin to add and remove zones in batches
    The --force flag for killaccount now causes account removal without prompting

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2009-05-19 09:51:01
Dovecot updated to 1.1.11-1cp
    New upstream version
Stable 35075
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Sabtu, 25 April 2009
    Improved support for rsyslogd in the RestartSrv system
Stable 34960
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Selasa, 07 April 2009
    /scripts/installimagemagick will compile ImageMagick from source when the OS provided version is too old for the CPAN module
    /scripts/mysql now checks for proper datadir in /etc/my.cnf
    Account restoration on a system without PostgreSQL may result in incorrect '493' directory creation
    Added cleanup script to remove incorrect entries from user cpbackup-exclude.conf files
    Address issues with suspending MySQL users without passwords, quoting of the SQL statement and attempting to suspend the same user multiple times
    Addressed insecure dependency while running /scripts/linksubmailtomainacct
    Adjusted cpbackup exclude generation logic to work for incremental and standard backups
    Adjusted crontab permission check to only verify it is setuid and executable
    Bug 8833: Fix UI typo 'Users' -> 'Databases'
    Bug 8885: Strip leading and trailing whitespace from login details
Stable All Revisions
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Rabu, 25 Maret 2009
Pure-FTPd updated to 1.0.21-9tls
    Removed unnecessary call to /scripts/restartsrv
    Force 0 exit status in postinstall scriptlet

ProFTPd updated to 1.3.1tls-6
    Patch for CVE-2008-4242
    Removed unnecessary call to /scripts/restartsrv
    Exit with true value in postinst scriptlet
NSD updated to 3.2.1-1cp
    New upstream version

Courier-authlib updated to 0.62.1-1cp
    New upstream version
Stable 33345
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Jumat, 23 Januari 2009
    Free reseller shared IP delegation upon removing reseller permissions
    /scripts/quotacheck was not respecting contact settings
    Change name of crontab file to match user name during account transfer
    Check permissions of tar and ensure it is world executable during cpbackup
    Ensure that users with a blank mysql password are properly suspended
    Resolved issue preventing mailing lists from being restored during transfer
    Set internal minimum UID to 510
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